2012 Bazaar and Fundraiser Schedule/Menu

Sunday [日曜日], October 14th, 2012 [2012年10月14日]
11:00AM ~ 5:00PM [11時 ~ 5時]
16500 South Western Avenue

The Okinawa Association of America, Inc. (OAA) is having its annual Bazaar and Fundraiser event at the OAA Center! Enjoy delicious Okinawan soba, mochi, andagi (the best “Okinawan dango” in town), teriyaki chicken and beef bento, spam musubi, and more!

Get a head-start on your holiday shopping with homemade crafts and OAA merchandise. Visit the vegetable/plant booth for bargain prices. You could get lucky, too, with the raffle drawings for wonderful prizes!

Entertain your kids with face painting, arts and crafts, and our Warabi Eisaa Workshop. Enjoy your lunch with live entertainment from local performers: Okinawan karate, taiko, dance and sanshin, as well as hula and ukulele!

This is the OAA’s only annual fundraiser event, so please come out to support and, most of all, to enjoy family, friends, and Okinawan culture!

For the Belly [食べ物]:
Pricing coming soon

  • Andagi (a.k.a. “Okinawan Dango”) [アンダーギー]
  • Kakiage Vegetable Tempura [かき揚げ野菜の天ぷら]
  • Okinawa Soba [沖縄そば]
  • Nantu Okinawan Mochi [沖縄餅]
  • Snow Cone [スノーコーン]
  • Spam Musubi [スパームむすび]
  • Taco Rice [タコライス]
  • Teriyaki Combo Bento [牛肉と鶏肉弁当]
  • …and much more!

For the Kids [子供]:

  • Beach in a Bottle (crafts)
  • Catch the Shisa (game)
  • Coloring (crafts)
  • Face Painting (crafts)
  • Fishing (game)
  • Warabi Eisaa Workshop (learn eisaa taiko drumming & perform!)

For the Spirit [文化公演]:
Performance schedule is subject to change


Print & Save! Print out this coupon and get 30 scrips for $25!

Share & Promote!
Please share this flyer with family and friends and help to spread the word! We’ll see you on October 14th!

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