Online Concerts and Presentations (Updated 11/4)

Please note that these are not OAA-hosted or -sponsored events (unless otherwise noted). We are compiling this event information to make it easier for our members and supporters to access these wonderful presentations and performances.


A lot has happened in the past couple months and we hope that everybody is staying well and practicing physical distancing. We’ve put together a list of concerts, talks, short films, and more to enjoy during this quarantine period – all online and all FREE to watch!

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Save the date for these live virtual events

A list of recordings from past virtual events around the world

Short films and documentaries focusing on Okinawa

Virtual events around the world

Okinawan channels that frequently upload videos


Yuntaku Live!
(talks and performances by Uchinaanchu in Hawai‘i)

Hosted by Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA)
10 p.m. Pacific Time / 7 p.m. Hawai‘i / 1:00 a.m. Eastern
Watch on HUOA’s Facebook Page
(This is not an OAA-hosted or -sponsored event)

Umanchu Suruti Online
(lectures and discussions about Okinawan culture, history, and identity)
Hosted by Ukwanshin Kabudan in Hawai‘i

Email or visit their Facebook page for the presentation dates and links
(This is not an OAA-hosted or -sponsored event)

Online Shimakutuba Gakumun Kai
(Okinawan language class)
Hosted by Ukwanshin Kabudan in Hawai‘i
Taught by Brandon Ing

Email or visit their Facebook page for the presentation dates and links
(This is not an OAA-hosted or -sponsored event)



  • EACH VIDEO IS AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Please subscribe to Begin’s YouTube channel and Facebook page to be notified of new concert recordings.

Yoriko Ganeko – Live performances on Facebook (Bi-Weekly)

GINYU: A musical about Okinawan immigration to Peru (2 hr)

***NEW*** Hawai‘i Book and Music Festival

***NEW*** Hawai‘i United Okinawa Association (HUOA)’s Virtual Okinawan Festival

Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA)’s Yuntaku Live! (Every Tuesday) – Episodes are also available to watch on their YouTube channel

Kenji Igei (伊芸研治) in Peru

Irei no Hi (Battle of Okinawa Remembrance) Presentations

Kariyushi 58 (かりゆし58)

***NEW*** Kuruchi no Mori (くるちの杜)
Kuruchi no Mori is a long-term project to plant and grow ebony trees (“kuruchi” in Uchinaaguchi) in Okinawa. Kuruchi wood is used for the necks and tuning pegs of the best, top-quality sanshin instruments. It takes OVER 100 YEARS for one kuruchi tree to grow large enough to make a sanshin (and it takes an additional 50 years or so for the wood to dry out and harden).

Mako (of Mako and Munjuru) in Washington State

Okinawa Americana – Live performances on Facebook (Every Saturday)

Jake Shimabukuro – Live performances on Facebook

Tadaima! A Community Virtual Pilgrimage
This virtual series organized by Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimages had several amazing events, but we will be highlighting ones that featured Uchinaanchu moderators, presenters, performers, etc. (please let us know if we missed any). Click here to check out all 9 weeks worth of programs!

Tomoko Uehara (上原 知子) from Rinken Band – Live stream performances

Ayano Uema (上間綾乃) – Live stream performances

 Yanawarabaa (やなわらばー) – Live stream performances


has a series of short films (drama and comedy) from Okinawa with English subtitles. “Authentic tales of people young and old, searching for a fresh adventure and new beginnings, all with one thing in common – they all take place on the exquisite island of Okinawa.”

NHK World has a selection of their short documentaries and news segments available to view online. Check out their Focus on Okinawa playlist or search “Okinawa”.


OKINAWA – Hosted by the Okinawa Prefectural Government
Event is mostly in Japanese with English/Spanish/Portuguese subtitles during some of the segments and includes a message from Governor Denny Tamaki.

ARGENTINA – Hosted by the Okiryūkai (沖留会)
Event is in Spanish without subtitles

BRASIL – Hosted by the Ryūkyū Minyō Kyōkai (琉球民謡協会ブラジル支部)
Event is in Portuguese, Japanese, AND English

HAWAI‘I – Hosted by the Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA)


Eisaa Museum (エイサー会館)
has a variety of eisaa videos including full-length performances!

Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUOA) is uploading the full recordings of their weekly Yuntaku Live presentations including talks/performances by Kenton Odo (Afuso Ryu Kenkyuu Choichi Kai Hawaii), Brandon Ing (Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi), and more!

Okinawa Matsuri in Tokyo (沖縄まつりin 代々木公園) has video clips and full-length performances from their 2019 concert featuring  Tōru Yonaha (よなは徹), Ayano Uema (上間綾乃), Ii Dushi (いーどぅし), and more!

Rinken Band’s Real Music Dormitory channel features recent live stream performances from Rinken Band protégé group, tinktink (ティンクティンク), as well as music clips and a web series called “Rinken Band Atchaa Atchaa” which follows Rinken Teruya (照屋林賢) to various spots in Okinawa!

Ryūkyū Minyō Kyōkai – Filial do Brasil (Brasil Branch) has been hosting livestream performances regularly and uploads both the full recordings and individual songs for your enjoyment. (Note: Recordings are in Portuguese)

Sanshin Craftsmens Business Cooperative Association of Okinawa (沖縄県三線製作事業協同組合) started the #SanshinYuimaru #StayHomeSanshin campaign with professional and up-and-coming musicians contributing videos! There are also sanshin musicians across the world doing the same and you can find their videos on social media platforms by searching for #SanshinYuimaru and #StayHomeSanshin.

Urizun, an organization of young Okinawans in Brazil, hosts recurring live stream presentations and recordings can be viewed on their YouTube channel! (Note: Recordings are in Portuguese)

Yuna & Tida are a talented local duo who perform Okinawan folk songs!