Okinawa Cultural Festival (Formerly OAA Bazaar)

On Sunday, September 25th from 11AM-4PM, the Okinawa Association of America is hosting its annual Okinawa Cultural Festival (previously known as Bazaar) to raise money and celebrate the rich and unique culture of our community. As always, there will be plenty of food and entertainment, showcasing both traditional and modern elements of Okinawan culture! TheContinue reading “Okinawa Cultural Festival (Formerly OAA Bazaar)”

Andagi @ The GVJCI Carnival (VIDEO)

Three of our volunteers, Joseph Kamiya, Nick Awakuni, and Keana Kaya visited the Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute‘s Annual Carnival on June 23, 2012 to ask our community about their favorite foods. Watch what some of them had to say! (click on the video below to watch or click here) interviews conducted by youth volunteersContinue reading “Andagi @ The GVJCI Carnival (VIDEO)”