Okinawan Craft Fair 2022

April 23, 2022 (Saturday)
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Pacific Time
OAA Center Parking Lot
16500 South Western Avenue, Gardena, California 90247
Streetside Parking Only; FACE MASKS REQUIRED

午前9時〜午後1時 太平洋標準時

  • Arnot Ohana Treasures: Embellished towels and water bottles
  • Aimee Buday & Monica Solis: Okinawa-themed figurines, scarves, coasters, candles, bags, placemats, and pillows
  • Hiro Melody Edington: Okinawa-themed decals, masks, mugs, key fobs, and more
  • Rumiko Hirano: Okinawa-themed coin purses, tissue cases, tote/handbags, traditional Okinawan chopsticks (akakiibashi) with case
  • Kanasa: Tote bags, “Shimanchu nu Kwii: The Voices of Shimanchu” magazines, stickers – IG @kanasaorganics @shimanchumag
  • Dana “Kame” Mays: Hand-bound sketch books, handmade bookmarks, hand-crocheted doilies, handcrafted pen and letter opener set
  • Melissa’s Creations: Okinawa-themed cards, art, tote bags, and more – IG @melissatcreations
  • Seiji Nakaki & Lasha Tamae: Washi tape, keychains, zines, and more – IG @seijigay @lashadraws
  • OAA: Okinawa-themed tote bags and t-shirts, used books sale (not Okinawan), white elephant sale (not Okinawan)
  • Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko L.A.: Okinawa-themed shirts, stickers, and more – – FB @rmdlosangeles – IG @rmdlosangeles
  • Shimanchu Dushi-nu-chaa (Okinawan Friends): Okinawa-themed postcards, stickers, music CDs, and more – IG @shimanchu.playlist
  • Tierra Murra by Ecommshipments: Photocards, hats, jewelry, and clothing –
  • YuMa Accessories: Cell phone charms/straps – – IG @yumaaccessories

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