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2019 Uchinaa Junior Study Program

This page is intended for members of the
Okinawa kenjinkai/association in Los Angeles, California.
Please contact your nearest kenjinkai/association to apply!


Junior Study Tour

The Uchinaa Junior Study Program (formerly the Junior Study Tour) is an annual immersion program that brings middle and high school students to the islands of Okinawa.

Sponsored by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, elected students are given an all-expense-paid trip to study Okinawan history, culture, society, and diaspora, with an emphasis on nature, peace, and identity. Students will also be given the opportunity to interact with Uchinaanchu from around the world as well as students from Okinawa, with the hope that bonds and understandings will develop between overseas Uchinaanchu and their mother island.

It may be delivered in person, mailed, or emailed, but it MUST be in the OAA office before 4:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time). The application process is extensive, so please do not wait until the last minute.

If you are an OAA member, please continue reading for eligibility, documents, and more information ⤵️

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2019 Rummage Collection Fundraiser


In observance of Earth Day, the OAA is teaming up Savers in Lomita to recycle, reuse, and reduce unwanted items in your home. For every donation made, the OAA will receive 20 cents per pound for soft goods, 5 cents per pound for miscellaneous, and 5 cents per pound for books and media. (Damaged or incomplete items will NOT be accepted)

Our goal is to raise $1,000 which is a equivalent of 400 13-gallon bags!

Volunteers needed to organize and bag items (April 1st – 12th, 22nd – 26th) and on April 27th to help with day-of drop-offs and loading the truck. Service hours are available for students. Please click here to sign up

Drop-Off Dates | Acceptable Items | Unacceptable Items

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