OAA Okinawa Bazaar 2018

2018 BAZAAR FLYER Front Small

Flyer by Jeff Shimane

Okinawa Association of America’s
Annual Okinawa Bazaar & Fundraiser
Sunday, October 7, 2018 • 11 AM – 4 PM
Facebook Event Page

OAA Center’s Parking Lot
16500 South Western Avenue, Gardena 90247
(Please use street-side parking)

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2018 Bazaar Family Carousel 1A

Sharing culture and food at the Okinawa Bazaar

The Okinawa Association of America (OAA) will host their Annual Okinawa Bazaar on October 7 (Sunday), 11 AM – 4 PM, at the OAA Center in Gardena. This event is the organization’s largest annual fundraiser and is currently the only Okinawa-focused festival in Southern California.

What started out as a small gathering of members has grown into an intergenerational cultural event that brings together hundreds of families for an afternoon of tasty food, soulful entertainment, fun games, raffle drawings (win Disneyland tickets!), and more.

Food Booths

The food booths will feature a number of maasan (delicious) Okinawan foods such as saataa andaagii (“Okinawan dango”), Uchinaa suba (Okinawa soba), ashitibichi (pig’s feet), rafutee (Okinawa-style slow-cooked pork belly), ice cream made with beni-imo (Okinawan purple potato), and taco rice (a popular fusion dish in Okinawa). There will also be local festival staples like teriyaki bento, spam musubi, and shaved ice.

Live Performances

The all-day entertainment program will showcase the traditional and contemporary performing arts of Okinawa (music, dance, and taiko), karate demonstrations, Hawai‘ian dance, and more. This year’s special guests include the cast members of “Letters to Eve,” an independently-produced musical that follows Japanese American families during World War II, and the energetic eisaa drumming students from El Marino Language School.

Raffles and Shopping

For those who want to start their holiday kooimun (shopping) early, raffle tickets are available for $1 each with an extremely coveted grand prize: four Disneyland tickets ($400+ value; generously donated by the Walt Disney Company)! Merchandise booths will have souvenirs from Okinawa (limited supply), original Okinawa-themed merchandise (tote bags, t-shirts, and postcards), and fresh plants and produce. Local dance group Majikina Honryu Aigen no Kai will also sell handmade crafts and white elephant items.

Children’s Games

This event is a great opportunity to expose the younger generations to Okinawan culture while also enjoying a fun family outing. The warabi (children) tent will have a variety of carnival games like bean bag tic-tac-toe, ping pong ball toss, water balloon fishing, and a disk drop game. Prizes are given to all participants (while supplies last). There will also be a photo booth with an Okinawa-themed digital background.


The Annual Okinawan Bazaar is organized by the Okinawa Association of America (OAA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed by Okinawan immigrants over 100 years ago. The organization has been kept alive by multiple generations of driven volunteers and generous donors. 2019 will mark the organization’s 110th anniversary as well as the OAA Center’s 20th anniversary.

“We are blessed for the foresight of our elders had in creating a central gathering place for our organization and the surrounding community,” said Yuko Yamauchi, OAA’s Executive Director.

The goal of this year’s fundraiser is to raise money for much needed repairs and renovations for the OAA Center’s facilities. While the OAA has only been at the current location for 20 years, the structures themselves are close to 100 years old.

“By coming out to the Bazaar, people will not only experience the flavor and vibrant culture of Okinawa,” Yamauchi continued, “but they’ll also be contributing to make sure the OAA Center is a safe and comfortable place to gather and host events.”

The OAA Center is located at 16500 S. Western Ave., Gardena 90247. Please use streetside parking. Early arrival recommended; popular food/merchandise items sell out quickly. Booths will only accept scrips (available to purchase at the event; current OAA members can pre-order at a discounted rate). More information and schedule: 310-532-1929 (weekdays, 10 AM – 4 PM), oaamensore@gmail.com, www.oaamensore.org


Volunteers will be needed on October 6 (Saturday), 7 (Sunday), and 8 (Monday). Service hours are available for students. Those who are interested in helping with set-up, booth operation, and/or clean-up can contact the OAA or fill out a Google form: bit.ly/bazaarvolunteer2018


The 2018 OAA Bazaar would not be possible without support from generous sponsors. Individuals and companies interested in becoming a sponsor should contact the OAA as soon as possible for sponsorship tiers and benefits.

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(Subject to change without notice)

  • Erin Akamine (youth cello performance)
  • Blaise and Phoenix Baker (youth sanshin performance)
  • Chōichi Kai Los Angeles (Okinawan folk music)
  • Cultural Lessons:
    • Kachaashii/Atchamee Dance Lesson (participants needed!)
    • Miyako Island “Kuichaa” Dance Lesson (participants needed!)
    • Sanshin Lesson (participants needed!)
  • El Marino Language School’s Eisaa Group (youth Okinawan drum group)
  • Hickory Hula Hounds (youth hula performance)
  • “Letters to Eve” Cast performing key songs from their independent musical!
  • Shigeru and William Logan (guitar/violin)
  • April Nimmo (youth dance performance)
  • Puniwai Hula Halau (hula and ukulele)
  • Ryūkyūkoku Matsuri Daiko Los Angeles Branch (Okinawan drum dancing)
  • Ryūkyū Minyō Kyōkai and Aikoh Kai (Okinawan folk music)
  • Tamagusuku Ryū Kansen Kai (traditional Okinawan dance)
  • Shugyokan Dōjō (karate demonstrations)

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Raffle tickets are only $1 each and can be purchased at the event or pre-ordered through the office: 310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com

Attendance is not required to win prizes!*

  • GRAND PRIZE: Four (4) one-park/one-day passes to Disneyland!
    1 winner; generously donated by the Walt Disney Company
  • $250 gift card to Costco
    1 winner; generously donated by OAA member Haruko Hamlin
  • Tiger rice cookers
    10 winners; generously donated by Tiger Corporation U.S.A.
  • Samsung 1,000W microwave oven
    1 winner; generously donated by OAA member Steven Awakuni
  • $50 gift card to Amazon
    1 winner; generously donated by OAA member Elizabeth Nakama
  • $25 gift card to Regal Cinemas
    1 winner; generously donated by OAA member Rachael Kamiya
  • $20 gift card to Starbucks
    4 winners; generously donated by an anonymous OAA member
  • Tote bag with original Okinawa-themed designs
    2 winners; generously donated by Flor Kaneshiro (artist) and Joey Kamiya 
  • Plus gift cards, electronics, kitchenware, and more!

* Winners will be informed by phone or email after the event.

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Booths at the Bazaar will only accept scrips for payment. Before you stand in any lines, please make sure to go to the event’s scrips booth. Current OAA members may pre-order through the OAA office: 310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com


  • Ashitibichi: pig’s feet
  • Rafutē Donburi: Okinawa-style slow-cooked pork belly with rice
  • Rafutē Sliders: Okinawa-style slow-cooked pork belly with King’s Hawaiian sweetbread and coleslaw
  • Taco Rice: a popular fusion dish in Okinawa (literally taco ingredients over rice)


  • Okinawa Soba / Uchinaa Suba: Okinawa-style soup with wheat flour noodles
  • Sātā Andāgī: deep-fried Okinawan “doughnuts” (sometimes called “Okinawan dango”)
  • Spam Musubi: spam wrapped in rice and seaweed
  • Teriyaki Beef/Chicken Combination Plate: served with rice
  • Shaved Ice: a great way to cool down!


  • Baked Goods
  • Mochi
  • Water and Soda

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Booths at the Bazaar will only accept scrips for payment. Before you stand in any lines, please make sure to go to the event’s scrips booth. Current OAA members may pre-order through the OAA office: 310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com


  • Children’s socks, chopsticks, coasters, keychains, magnets, miniature shiisaa statues, pens, scrunchies, towels, and more!


  • “Music from Okinawa 2018” by Various Artists (Okinawa)
    Review from the Power of Okinawa blog: “Music from Okinawa 2018 is a new album that gathers together music from the many different styles and genres found on these islands. […] The Music from Okinawa label can be congratulated for producing what is overall a very good album that introduces many different facets of island music.”
  • “Jikuu no Hana / Entre Claveles” by Gus Hokama (Argentina)
    Gus Hokama is an Uchinaanchu sansei (third-generation Okinawan descendant) from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His debut CD features original songs that are sung in both Japanese and Spanish! These CDs are only sold in Japan and Argentina, so don’t miss your chance to buy a signed copy today!


  • Okinawan-English Wordbook
    “[…] Written by the late Mitsugu Sakihara, historian and native speaker of the Naha dialect of Okinawa, [this book] is an all-new concise dictionary of the modern Okinawan language with definitions and explanations in English.” – University of Hawai‘i Press


  • T-Shirts
    “Ryūkyū Spirit” turtle design, Ryūkyū cartoon characters design, “Ryūkyū Spirit” shishimai design, “Uchinaaguchi: A Language Not A Dialect”
  • Canvas Tote Bags
    “Uchinaaguchi: A Language Not A Dialect” and”Uchinaa Soul” designs. Eco-friendly (100% recyclable), lightweight cotton canvas tote bags with gusset (15″W x 16″H x 3″D)
  • Vinyl Tote Bags
    “I ♥︎ Uchinaa” design. Durable material with a flat bottom, ideal for groceries.

Made and donated by local dance group, Majikina Honryu!

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Booths at the Bazaar will only accept scrips for payment. Before you stand in any lines, please make sure to go to the event’s scrips booth. Current OAA members may pre-order through the OAA office: 310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com

  • Carnival-Style Games (Prizes for All*): Ring toss, bean bag tic-tac-toe, ping pong ball toss, yo-yo balloon fishing, plinko disk drop (*while supplies last)
  • Digital Photo Booth

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2018 Bazaar Volunteers Collage


Volunteer with yaaninju (family) and dushi (friends)!  Join fellow Uchinaanchu, Uchinaanchu-at-heart, and local student clubs/groups to bring the sights, sounds, flavor, and spirit of Okinawa to Los Angeles.

If you are interested in helping at the OAA’s largest fundraiser of the year, please fill out this online form. Volunteers need not work the entire day and we would be grateful if you can spare just a few hours!

Service hours are available for high school students.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Saturday, October 6, from 9 AM
    • Free lunch for Saturday volunteers
    • Set-up (tents, tables, signage, etc.)
    • Food preparation
  • Sunday, October 7, from 8 AM
    • Free drinks/snacks for all volunteers; free gift for volunteers who work 6+ hours (SIGN-IN/OUT REQUIRED)
    • Set-up
    • Working in a booth
    • Clean-up from 4 PM
  • Monday, October 8, from 10 AM
  • Free lunch for Monday volunteers
  • Washing pots and pans
  • Kitchen clean-up
  • BBQ clean-up

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Your generous donations help to offset expenses and raise money for our annual fundraiser! If you’re interested in making a donation, please contact the OAA office at oaamensore@gmail.com or 310-532-1929.

  • Monetary (tax-deductible)
  • Raffle prizes (brand new items only please)
  • Ingredients
    • 5-gallon cooking oil (canola, corn, or vegetable), sugar, all-purpose flour (unbleached), and spam
  • Canned soda
  • Bottled water
  • Paper towels

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As a benefit of OAA membership, we mail out a special members-only pre-order form* with up to $15 in savings:

  • 30 scrips for $25 – Save $5!
  • 60 scrips for $50 – Save $10!
  • 90 scrips for $75 – Save $15!

PRE-ORDER DEADLINE: Pre-order form and payment must be delivered to the OAA by or before October 5, 2018 at 4 PM.

Not a member yet? Please download our membership form (PDF), mail it with your payment to the OAA office, and become a member today!

* Pre-ordered scrips can be picked up from the scrips booth at the Bazaar (October 7, 2018; 11 AM – 4 PM). Discounts will not be given on the day of the Bazaar. Refunds will not be given.

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Every year, the OAA Okinawa Bazaar depends on the generosity of volunteers and donors. Your sponsorship will be acknowledged through a variety of platforms including social media, our quarterly newsletter, our monthly email newsletter, and announcements at the event. Please contact us for the sponsorship tiers and benefits: oaamensore@gmail.com, 310-532-1929.

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