2018 Homestay Program in L.A.

Okinawa Association of America (OAA) in Los Angeles, California is considering a homestay program that is being organized by the Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG).

We are searching for local families who are interested in potentially hosting high school/college students and adult chaperones from Okinawa during a two-week period in August 2018.

During their stay with host families this will be a great opportunity for cultural exchange, especially for families who have roots in Okinawa!

Please continue reading for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and to download the Application Form. ⤵

Download the Application Form (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible to be a Host Family for Okinawa Home Stay Program?
Must be a current OAA Member to be eligible.

2. Will the host family be responsible for transportation?
Both Host Family & OAA will be required to provide transportation. Once schedule has been determined for our programming & events scheduling we will provided.

3. Should host family provide meals to students?
We ask host family to provide breakfast, dinner & lodging for the students. However, some meals may vary based on programming schedule for the students. More detail information will be provided.

4. How many days will we need to Host the students?
12 days. Subject to change based on scheduling. Further details will be provided.

5. How does the process of matching students and hosts work?
OAA will coordinate the matching of students with host family.

6. Can we select our preferred student gender or age?
Yes we do our best to accommodate your preferred selection, but not guaranteed.

7. How many students per host family?
Up to 2 students per host family.

8. Does it help to be bi-lingual?
Yes it does help to be bi-lingual but is not required.

9. Do most of the students speak English?
We do not know until student profile is provided to us.

10. What are the ages of the student that will be participating in the Homestay Program?
Between the ages of 14 years old to 22 years old High School and College Students

11. How will I learn about my student I will be hosting?
OAA will provide student profile to Host Family prior to arrival.

12. Can students stay outside of host family with a family or friend during the homestay program?
No. Host Family will be responsible for our homestay students during the homestay program.

13. What is expected of me as a Host Family?
Host Family to provide Okinawa Students the opportunity to experience life in USA with your family. Provide meals, lodging, transportation, any additional activities with your family so the memories they can bring back to their family.

14. I need to cancel participation in the Home Stay program as a Host Family?
You may cancel your request to participate in the homestay program but will require at no later than 30days prior to Student arrival.

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