2017 Scholarship for Students of Japanese Culture

JPASC Scholarship
Photo courtesy of Michelle Akamine, a past recipient of the scholarship

The Okinawa Association of America (OAA) is currently seeking applicants for the Japanese Prefectural Association of Southern California (JPASC / Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai) scholarship award for exceptional students of Japanese culture. We can recommend up to two (2) OAA members (final selection will be done by the JPASC).


Application Requirements:

  • Current member of the OAA with no outstanding dues
    • If the applicant is a dependent, then their parent/guardian must be a current OAA member
    • If the applicant or parent/guardian is a member of another kenjinkai, you may apply through them
  • Between 17 – 27 years of age
  • Dedicated practitioner of a Japanese cultural tradition (e.g. arts, martial arts*, language)
    • * For martial arts, the applicant must have a minimum of ni-dan or equivalent

The applicant will need a recommendation letter from his/her instructor and the OAA, school transcripts, and passport photos.

Please contact the OAA for the application:
310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com

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