OAA Scholarships for 2016 Graduating High School Students

DEADLINE: May 30, 2016 REQUIREMENTS: • Must be fully or partially of Okinawan descent • Parents (guardians) or applicant must be OAA member(s) • Minimum GPA of 3.0 • Must be graduating high school in 2016 The awards will be based primarily on academic accomplishments with due consideration given to extracurricular, community activities, and financial needs. TheContinue reading “OAA Scholarships for 2016 Graduating High School Students”

2016 Uchinaa Junior Study Program

ATTENTION OAA MEMBERS! The Uchinaa Junior Study Program (formerly the Junior Study Tour) is an annual immersion program that brings 20 middle and high school students to the islands of Okinawa. Sponsored by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, elected students are given an all-expense-paid trip to study Okinawan history, culture, society, and diaspora, with an emphasis onContinue reading “2016 Uchinaa Junior Study Program”