2015 OAA Bazaar/Fundraiser

Artwork by Richard Yamashiro

Okinawa Association of America’s Annual Bazaar/Fundraiser
Sunday, October 4 • 11AM ~ 4PM • OAA Center

16500 South Western Avenue, Gardena 90247
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On Sunday, Oct. 4, the Okinawa Association of America (OAA) invites you to their Annual Bazaar in Gardena. This is the only annual festival in L.A. that celebrates Okinawan culture, bringing the community together for an afternoon of delicious food, soulful entertainment, games, and raffle prizes! The OAA, a cultural non-profit organization formed by Okinawan immigrants 100+ years ago, also uses this event as their annual fundraiser.

Food booths will include tasty favorites like sātā andāgī (“Okinawan dango”), Okinawa soba, teriyaki combo plates, and spam musubi. Want to try something new? We will have limited specials: ashitibichi (pig’s feet), rafute(braised pork belly) sliders and donburi, beni-imo (Okinawan purple potato) ice cream, and taco rice (literally taco ingredients over rice; a popular fusion dish in Okinawa)!

Take your food to-go or stay and enjoy our all-day entertainment program which will include Okinawan and Hawai‘ian music/dance, karate demonstrations, and contemporary performances. Guest performers include the El Marino Language School’s 4th grade eisaa (Okinawan drum-dancing) group and members from The Grateful Crane Ensemble!

Raffle tickets are only $1 with great prizes: $300 grand prize, $200 Amazon gift card, gift basket from Jake Shimabukuro, plus more! Starting your holiday shopping early? We will have a limited supply of merchandise from Okinawa (books, CDs, postcards, souvenirs, stickers) plus OAA’s original t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and tote bags.

Kids activities include carnival games, drawing/coloring, crafts, and our Warabi Eisaa Workshop, where they can make their own Okinawan hand drum (paranku)!

Please join us on Oct. 4, 11AM – 4PM, at the OAA Center, 16500 S. Western Ave., Gardena 90247. Parking available in nearby residential areas. Early arrival recommended (popular food/merchandise items sell out quickly). More information, donate, volunteer sign-up: 310-532-1929, oaamensore@gmail.com.

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  • Afuso Ryu Kenkyuu Choichi Kai Los Angeles
    Traditional and contemporary Okinawan sanshin music (head instructor: Ryan Nakamatsu)
  • Phoenix and Blaise Baker
    Singing and keyboards
  • Ishihara Haruo Minyo Kenkyusho
    Traditional Okinawan sanshin music (head instructor: Haruo Ishihara)
  • Puniwai Hula Halau
    Traditional Hawaiian music and dance
  • Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Los Angeles Branch
    Okinawan festival drum-dancing (inspired by eisaa); celebrating their 20th anniversary!
  • Ryukyu Sokyoku Koyokai Los Angeles Branch
    Traditional Okinawan koto music; celebrating their 50th anniversary! (head instructor: Katsuko Teruya)
  • Shishimai
    Okinawan lion dance (head instructor: Hitoshi Nakata)
  • Shugyokan Dojo
    Shorin-Ryu karate (head instructor: Prince Loeffler)
  • South Bay Coastliners
    Barbershop chorus (including past OAA scholarship winner Scott Suwabe)
  • Tamagusuku-Ryu Kansen-Kai
    Traditional Okinawan dancing (head instructor: Keiko Yonamine)
  • Ai Teshima, Amber Tran, and Jen Yale
Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko L.A. (photo by Philip Prins)

Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko L.A. — always a crowd favorite — celebrates their 20th anniversary this year! (photo by Philip Prins)

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Raffle tickets are only $1 each! Attendance is not required to win prizes. Winners will be informed by phone or email after the bazaar. Please download the raffle pre-order form (PDF) and raffle tickets sheet (PDF) or contact the OAA at oaamensore@gmail.com or 310-532-1929The postmark deadline for raffle ticket pre-orders is September 28th.

  • GRAND PRIZE: $300 Cash
    1 winner; sponsored by the OAA
  • $200 Amazon.com Gift Card
    1 winner; generously donated by Kamiya Insurance and Yamauchi & Associates
  • Jake Shimabukuro Gift Basket
    1 winner; generously donated by Mr. Jake Shimabukuro

    • SIGNED CD (“Peace, Love, Ukulele”)
    • SIGNED DVD (“Grand Ukulele: Live in Boulder”)
    • Adult T-Shirt (“We Love Ukulele”)
    • Kids T-Shirt (“Kids Love Ukulele”)
    • Set of Buttons (7-pack)
  • SIGNED CDs from Okinawa
    2 winner; generously donated by Joseph Kamiya

    • Choichi Terukina (National Living Treasure of Japan in Classical Ryukyuan Music)
    • Kozue Taira (young singer/musician from Uruma City, Okinawa) – Music Sample
  • Souvenirs from Okinawa
    3 winners; generously donated by Joseph Kamiya

    • Shiisaa tote bag (plastic; blue)
    • Shiisaa tote bag (mesh; black)
  • More prizes to be announced!

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  • Ashitibichi (pig’s feet)
  • Beni-Imo Ice Cream (Okinawan purple potato)
  • Rafute Donburi (braised pork belly with rice)
  • Rafute Sliders (braised pork belly)
  • Shiikwaasaa Slushies (citrus depressa)
  • Taco Rice (literally taco ingredients served over rice)
Ice cream made with beni imo (Okinawan purple potato)

A limited supply of Beni-Imo (Okinawan purple potato) Ice Cream (made by MensoreGirl.com) will be available at this year’s Bazaar!


  • Andaagii (Okinawan dango; also known as saataa andaagii)
  • Kakiage Vegetable Tempura (deep fried vegetables)
  • Kasa Muchi (Okinawan rice cakes)
  • Okinawa Soba (Okinawa-style noodle soup)
  • Spam Musubi (spam wrapped in rice and seaweed)
  • Teriyaki Combination Plate (chicken and beef with rice)
One of the staples of Okinawan cuisine: Okinawa Soba (photo by Mario Toyama)

One of the staples of Okinawan cuisine: Okinawa Soba (photo by Mario Toyama)


  • Bake Sale
  • Drinks
  • Fresh Produce (from local farms)
  • Snow Cones

Download the scrips pre-order form or contact the OAA at oaamensore@gmail.com or 310-532-1929The postmark deadline for scrip pre-orders is September 28th.

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  • Coasters (made with real bingata)
  • Handkerchiefs (bingata design)
  • Keychains/Charms (cartoon characters, nuchibana, sanshin, shiisaa)
  • Postcards (bingata, comic, scenic)
  • Scarves (minsaa design)


  • Being Local in Hawai‘i: “Talking Story” with Julia of Wahiawa
    “[Julia Estrella (Keiko Matsui Higa)] shares the causes that are important to her, from the scariest situations affecting our planet today to her belief in the need to reinvent health care and the signs of hope she sees all around her. Most of all, Julia invites her readers to ‘talk story’ with her […] so we can learn from and better understand each other; then we can use the wisdom gained to create more pieces of ‘paradise on earth.'” – Amazon.com
  • Dialogue with Ryukyu (Japanese)
    Poetry written by Daiichi Hirata, acclaimed producer, choreographer, and musician
  • From Okinawa to the Americas: Hana Yamagawa and Her Reminiscences of a Century
    “[…] Hana’s richly detailed memoir is a rare, first-hand account of the life of a female Okinawan immigrant in the New World. It spans nearly a century, from Hana’s early life in a small village not long after the Ryukyu Kingdom’s annexation to Japan; to a sugar plantation in Peru and its capital, Lima; to her dangerous trek through Mexico and the California desert to enter the U.S. and start a new life.” -University of Hawai‘i Press
  • Of Andagi and Sanshin: Okinawan Culture in Hawai‘i
    A collection of English essays about Okinawan culture and immigrants. Including: Andaagii, Ryukyu Dialect, Bon Dance, Ritual Foods, Folk Pottery of Okinawa, A Look at Okinawan Women, Jikoen Hongwanji Temple, Terms in Okinawan Cooking, Sanshin, plus more!
  • Okinawan-English Wordbook
    “[…] Written by the late Mitsugu Sakihara, historian and native speaker of the Naha dialect of Okinawa, [this book] is an all-new concise dictionary of the modern Okinawan language with definitions and explanations in English.” – University of Hawai‘i Press
  • *SIGNED* Sugar/Islands: Finding Okinawa in Hawai‘i – The Art of Laura Kina and Emily Hanako Momohara
    “The rich paintings by Kina and haunting photographs by Momohara illustrate a unique examination of worker migration and settlement from the islands of Okinawa to the islands of Hawai‘i. […] Includes all 30 works of art from the exhibition in full color, plus essays from Asian American Art educators Krystal Hauseur and Margo Machida.” – Japanese American National Museum
  • Voices from Okinawa: featuring three plays by Jon Shirota
    “In this landmark publication—the first literary anthology showcasing Okinawan Americans—[the voices of Okinawan immigrants] are heard in plays, essays, and memoirs. Through the beauty, humor, and heartbreak in Jon Shirota’s award-winning plays, the experiences of an extraordinary people are illuminated. And in personal essays and interviews, the compelling life stories are told of June Hiroko Arakawa, Philip Ige, Mitsugu Sakihara, and Seiyei Wakukawa.” – University of Hawai‘i Press


  • *SIGNED* Banjo Ai, “Love My Love”
    An original mix of American bluegrass and country, Japanese pop, and traditional Okinawan music! NOT AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.Music Sample
  • Grant “Sandaa” Murata and Kenton Odo, “Okinawa Bon Odori: Celebrating over 100 years in Hawai‘i”
    A collection of Okinawan Bon Odori songs


  • *NEW* Limited Edition Mugs
    11 oz. ceramic mugs designed by one of our 2015 kids art contest winners, Melissa Tran! (image below)
  • Stickers
    “Uchinaa Soul” sanshin design (3″ x 4″ matte)
  • T-Shirts
    Ryukyu cartoon characters design (image below), “Ryukyu Spirit” shishimai design, “Uchinaaguchi: A Language Not A Dialect”, “Got Goya?”, “Ichi nu Ichimadin: From Generation to Generation” 100th anniversary design
  • Tote Bags
    “Uchinaaguchi: A Language Not A Dialect” and”Uchinaa Soul” designs. Eco-friendly (100% recyclable), lightweight cotton canvas tote bags with gusset (15″W x 16″H x 3″D)
  • Uchinaaguchi-English Word Magnets
    Learn the Okinawan language with these fun magnets (includes 55 words with their English translations)!
Ryukyu Cartoon Characters T-Shirt

*NEW* 2015 OAA t-shirt design! Ryukyu cartoon characters designed by Richard Yamashiro

Limited edition ceramic mug designed by one of our 2015 kids art contest winners, Melissa Tran!

*NEW* Limited edition OAA mug (11oz ceramic) featuring original artwork by one of our 2015 kids art contest winners, Melissa Tran!


  • Fresh Plants and Produce
  • Handmade Crafts
  • Rummage Sale

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  • Carnival Games
    Feed the Kijimunaa (bean bag toss), Catch the Shiisaa (ping pong ball toss), prize wheel, tic-tac-toe, plus more
  • Warabi Eisaa Workshop
    Make your own Okinawan hand drum (paranku)!
  • Arts and Crafts
    Uchiwa (hand fans), Sand-in-a-Bottle, plus more
Kids can learn a little bit about Okinawan culture and make their own paranku (Okinawan hand drum)! (photo by Irene Higurashi)

Kids can learn a little bit about Okinawan culture and make their own paranku (Okinawan hand drum)! (photo by Irene Higurashi)

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OAA events like the Bazaar would not be possible without dedicated volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact the OAA at 310-532-1929 or oaavolunteers@gmail.com to sign up.

The following volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Saturday, October 3, 9AM ~
    Setting up tents, tables, chairs, food preparation*, etc.
    Lunch will be provided for Saturday volunteers!
  • Sunday, October 4
    Volunteers who work 4+ hours on Sunday will receive an exclusive OAA mug designed by artist Richard Yamashiro (who also designed our recent Picnic and Bazaar flyers)! To claim this gift, sign in / sign out is required. Snacks and water will be provided for all volunteers.

    • 7AM ~ 10AM
      Finish setting up before the event begins at 11AM
    • 11AM ~ 4PM
      Working booths (4-hour shifts preferred: 8AM ~ 12PM, 12PM ~ 4PM, 2PM ~ 6PM)
    • 4PM ~
      Cleaning up
  • Before the Bazaar, weekdays 10AM ~ 4PM
    Assisting at the OAA office

* Orientation at the OAA Center required for volunteers handling food. Orientation Dates: September 13 (5PM) or September 27 (10AM).

Volunteers who work 4+ hours will receive an exclusive OAA mug designed by artist Richard Yamashiro, who also designed our recent Picnic and Bazaar flyers! (title/catchphrase by Mensore Girl)

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Your generous donations help to offset expenses and raise money for our annual fundraiser! If you’re interested in making a donation, please contact the OAA office at oaamensore@gmail.com or 310-532-1929.

  • Money (always welcome!)
  • Raffle prizes*
    New & unopened items only
  • Rummage items**
    No broken items or large furniture/electronics
  • Ingredients*
    • 5-gallon cooking oil (canola, corn, or vegetable), sugar, all-purpose flour (unbleached), and spam
  • Canned soda*
  • Bottled water*
  • Paper towels*

Donation Deadlines: * September 25, 2015, ** October 2, 2015

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As a benefit of OAA membership, we mail out special members-only coupons and order forms with up to $15 in savings at our Annual Bazaar! 
Download our membership form (PDF) and become a member today!

More coupons coming soon!

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