2014 OAA Picnic • Scholarship Awards • Okinawa Bon Dance

OAA Picnic 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014
10AM – 4PM
Whittier Narrows Park, Area E-1
750 Santa Anita Avenue, South El Monte
$6 on-site parking fee (golf cart will be available to transport anybody with physical disabilities from the parking lot to the picnic site)

* * * * *

The Annual Picnic has been a tradition for OAA members since its first inception in the 1930′s. The picnic has always been a highly anticipated event for families and friends, offering a summer afternoon of food, games, and cultural performances. It has also become the venue for the OAA to award its annual scholarships to members who are qualified high school graduates.

* * * * *

Bento lunch orders (BBQ chicken and kalua pork combo with rice, free drink and snow cone) must be postmarked by July 3, 2014. Bento lunches will not be sold at the picnic.

Download the Bento & Raffle Order Form

* * * * *

Raffle tickets are now available for $1 each! This year’s grand prize is four (4) one-day tickets to Disneyland (nearly $400 value)! Other prizes include adults and kids bicycles, gift cards, plus more.

Download the Bento & Raffle Order Form
Download the Raffle Tickets Sheet (20)

* * * * *

2014 will mark the eighth year of Okinawan bon odori at the OAA Picnic. Regardless of age or experience, everybody is invited to participate! The movements are repetitive and everybody dances in a large circle, with experienced dancers leading in the center. Live music is provided by sanshin musicians and eisaa drummers.

The origin of bon dancing is a Buddhist ritual to soothe the souls of ancestors during the summer Bon (or Obon) Festival.

Okinawa Bon Odori Practice Videos

Want to learn the dances before the picnic? Watch our practice videos!

* * * * *
Schedule subject to change

  • 10:00 | Picnic opens
  • 11:00 | Welcome and Taiso (Morning Exercise)
  • 11:30 | Ryukyu Koten (classical Okinawan music) by Mitsufumi-Ryu Taiko Hozonkai
  • 11:40 | Scott Suwabe (singer/guitarist)
  • 11:55 | Ryukyu Minyo (Okinawan folk music) by Ishihara Minyo Kenkyusho
  • 12:10 | Ai and Kenji Teshima (guitar/piano), Yuki Shingaki (sanshin), Atsushi Gushi (taiko)
  • 12:25 | Shozen Martial Arts (Sensei Maria Evans)
  • 12:40Ryubu (traditional Okinawan dance) by Miyagi-Ryu Nosho Kai
  • 12:45 | Games, Round 1
  • 01:30 | Scholarship Awards
  • 01:45Ryubu (traditional Okinawan dance) by Miyagi-Ryu Nosho Kai
  • 01:50Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko – Los Angeles, “Ryukyu Kingdom Festival Drums” (taiko)
  • 02:10Ryukyu Minyo (Okinawan folk music) by Uezu Yoko Minyo Kenkyusho
  • 02:30 | Games, Round 2
  • 03:00 | Okinawa Bon Odori with live sanshin music by members of Afuso Ryu Kenkyuu Choichi Kai Los Angeles and Nomura Ryu Hozon Kai Gushi Atsushi Kenkyusho
  • 03:30 | Tsunahiki (Tug o’ War)
  • 04:00 | Picnic closed

 * * * *
Check out these clips from last year’s picnic!

One thought on “2014 OAA Picnic • Scholarship Awards • Okinawa Bon Dance

  1. Thank you so much for the notification!  Yes, my wife and I will attend the Annual Picnic and will be mailing you the $14 for the bento lunch. Thank you again, looking forward to it!

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