Meet & Greet with Team USA Olympian, Tamari Miyashiro! (PHOTOS)

by Edward Kamiya, OAA board member and volunteer

Team USA Olympian, Tamari Miyashiro (2012 Silver Medalist for Women’s Volleyball) with (L to R): Sadao Tome, Chogi Higa, OAA President Kimiko Goya, and Hiro Tome. (photographed by Kristin Yamauchi)

Have you ever held an Olympic Silver Medal? Well, over 50 people at the Okinawa Association of America’s Yamauchi Building did this past Friday night, thanks to a visit by Tamari Miyashiro.

Tamari Miyashiro was on the U.S. Olympic Silver Medal winning Women’s Volleyball team in London.

She spent 3 hours with members and visitors at our Yamauchi Building, answering all our questions with well thought-out comments, signing numerous photos for everyone, and taking pictures with everyone. She gave us a glimpse of her early years in Hawaii, her collegian years at the University of Washington and her years on the U.S. National Team leading up to the Olympics in London.

Tamari displayed the poise and confidence that is only seen in people who have succeeded at the world-class level that she has achieved. She also displayed her gratitude to her parents and her Okinawan heritage for giving her the traits needed to succeed in achieving her goals. She shared with us her love of various Okinawan and Japanese cuisine and of course of the local food available in her home state of Hawaii.

Although she wasn’t sure of her possible participation in the next Olympics, everyone expressed their hope that she would continue to represent Okinawans at the next Olympics in Rio.

Tamari’s visit to the OAA will not be forgotten by all who were lucky enough to meet her. It is hoped that Tamari’s promise to visit us again will be soon, giving many more OAA members a chance to meet this very special Okinawan!

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  • Gallery #1 (photographed by Kristin Yamauchi)
  • Gallery #2 (photographed by Beverly Toyama, Janet Kamiya, and Sadao Tome)

Videos coming soon!

Click here to visit Tamari Miyshiro’s Team USA profile and read about her high school, college, and international achievements!

If you attended this event, please tell us about your experience or give us feedback for future events in the “comments” section below!


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