Haisai OAA News #76 | September 2012 Newsletter

The latest issue of our newsletter, Haisai OAA News, has been completed and delivered to OAA members on our mailing list. Compiled and edited by Kristin Yamauchi, the Haisai OAA News features English and Japanese articles detailing our recent events/activities.

Of course, the delivery of our newsletters would not be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers! Ippei nifwee deebiru! (photographed by Yuko Yamauchi)

September 2012 Features:

  • Annual Picnic
  • Computer Class 1st Anniversary
  • Hinkaku: Attitude of a True Champion (Martial Arts Committee)
  • Seisonenbu Golf Tournament
  • 2012 Scholarship Recipient Biographies
  • Uchinaaguchi Class 10th Anniversary
  • Fujinbu Make-Up Lecture with Kaori Nara Turner
  • Fujinbu Cooking Class
  • Tanabata Festival
  • Three Year Swim Club (East West Players)

Monthly Columns:

  • President’s Corner
  • Uchinaaguchi 101
  • Donors Corner
  • Upcoming Events and Activities

Click here to view the DIGITAL VERSION
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Click here to download the PDF (document)

Click here to view the Newsletter archives (dating back to 2004)

To sign-up for Haisai OAA News (our physical newsletter) and Jigami-gwa (our email newsletter), please contact the OAA Office at mensore[@]earthlink[.]net with your name and mailing address!


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